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Healthy UL

Professor Catherine Woods, Chair of Health UL 
Healthy UL for Students, Staff and the wider community

We are delighted to welcome students and staff back to campus after a long 18 months studying and working remotely. It is the ambition of UL to be a leading university in the promotion of Health and Wellbeing, supporting our 16,000 students and staff. Healthy UL focuses on six themes to promote the wellbeing of the university community. There is lots of information on this page to help you to take small (and not so small) steps to improve your overall wellbeing.

More detailed information on the work of Healthy UL

Download Healthy UL Framework

Healthy UL has a number of groups who meet, comprising of staff and students, who are responsible for implementing the relative actions outlined in the Healthy UL Framework 

If you have any queries, or interested in the Healthy UL initiative please email

Wellbeing suggestions


Healthy Environment

Health and the environment are inextricably linked and approaches to improve both are deeply complementary

Addictive Behaviour

Ensuring UL develops and implements supports and protocols that reduce the stigma of addiction

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Learn more about the supports and resources available to UL staff and students mental health and wellbeing

Sexual Health and Wellbeing

Good sexual health means making sure you have the knowledge, skills and ability to make informed sexual choices and act responsibly to protect your health and the health of others.

Healthy Eating

The promotion of the health and wellbeing of the university community (staff, students and visitors) supported by the development of sustainable research programmes in nutrition and health.

Physical Activity

What are the recommended levels of physical activity to maintain and improve health?

Futher Information

UL COVID-19 info

If you want to introduce small changes to improve things, take some time to consider our Six Wellbeing Suggestions below. These are updated regularly, so come back and visit to get more recommendations throughout the semester.

Get Away Zone

Student Life has established a site specifically where students can unwind and get away from all the messages about the coronavirus.

Wellness Seminars

Human Resources has initiated a series of wellness seminars for staff. These provide opportunities to link in real time with colleagues and receive expert advice and suggestions for how to keep well.